What is Brainovention ?

Brainovention is a talent search exam for the student from 5th to 10th standard. Everybody in the world want to prove themselves by showing their expertise in particular and for that everybody needs platform. we are here to serve you such opportunity to test your perseverance quotient, endurance, learning ability, managing time & stress by Brainovention Talent Search Exam By this examination student will be developed accordingly to deal with competitive exam as well as upcoming entrance tests for further education. While preparing for the exam student has to go through each and every detail of their academic textbook which will be ultimately proceeding towards better fundamentals. Also We will be testing student’s general knowledge to make sure whether he/she updating him/herself and moving step by step along with the world.


Bringing out invention of brains which are ignited with spirits to achieve something and developing them towards stronger fundamentals with competitive sharpness and general knowledge.


• To invent ignited brains.
• To diagnose student’s perseverance quotient, endurance, strengths and weakness.
• To increase student’s confidence to persist in this world of competition.
• To develop individual to get ready for upcoming examinations.

Exam Details

1. Participation certificate for each student taking part in exam.

2. Free model solved question paper set for each participant

3. Use of bubble fill system in exam to make students familiar with Upcoming entrance test

4. BRAINOVENTION has interesting questions that require thinking, not simply recall.

5. BRAINOVENTION provides a benchmark for the student's performance with peers all over the state.

6. BRAINOVENTION is conducted to test students fundamentals, understanding of concepts and application skills rather than memory skills.

7. BRAINOVENTION question papers are well researched and aptly designed according to students' learning

8. BRAINOVENTION question papers are designed based on the syllabus followed state

9. BRAINOVENTION is a diagnostic test for assessing ones strengths & weaknesses

Examination Eligibility

Students appearing for 5th to 10th Standard Maharashtra State Board are eligible to participate in this examination.

Examination Syllabus

Syllabus will be as per Maharashtra state board academic textbook for respective standards.

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